Workshop 01 Interview: Ash

What feelings did you have when making a pocket for someone else? How did it feel to send your pocket out into the world? I felt excited to make a pocket for another person. I spent a lot of time thinking about my pocket pal’s essence and trying to really put it all into her… Read More

Workshop 01 Interview: Alma

What feelings did you have when making a pocket for someone else? How did it feel to send your pocket out into the world? It was a great experience taking the time to research the historical aspects of my project then create a pocket that was hand sewn. As I stitched at night to a… Read More

Weaving Sample to Back Pocket

A previously single pocketed pair of pants gets a new friend! From finding this weaving sample, trimming it and hand sewing it on, the process took just about half an hour.

Returning the Love

This navy blue hoodie is one the pieces of clothing I’ve had the longest. My grandfather, coming over from Ireland on a visit, brought one for both my sister and I. About six or seven at the time, it was huge, but over the years I have grown into it and it has grown on… Read More

Threadbare by Anne Elizabeth Moore & The Ladydrawers

“Anne Elizabeth Moore and the Ladydrawers Comics Collective pull at the threads of gender, labor, and cultural production to paint a concerning picture of human rights in a globalized world.” Chapter three of this collection of comics focuses on life in Cambodia and the tough decisions many women in ‘developing’ nations have to face between… Read More

The Broken Zippers Club

I found these pants at a thrift store; sturdy cotton, tags still on them, zipper broken. Honestly, and this may sound a little sad, but I was thrilled. These are the thrifting moments I live for. As you can tell, I ended up getting them and taking them home, where they sat at the bottom… Read More

Make Mending Visible Again

One of the biggest fears people have about mending their own clothes is related to visibility. It is inevitably difficult, especially for those without much experience, to fix the smallest of tears or holes without it appearing visible to others. We’ve found this to be one of the most common deterrents to people looking to… Read More

Introducing Pocket Change

Clothing is a constant companion to our everyday experience, and one of the most influential aspects of clothing as mediators between us and our surroundings is pockets. The presence, absence, size, placement, and materiality of pockets can have a profound effect on our mannerisms, ways of moving through the world, interacting with objects, and expressing/forming… Read More